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So Evolve actually evolved from its beginnings in Zyer. Zyer Music App was created by our founder, Anthony. Zyer is a social music platform for music fans and musicians to share and discover music with their friends. It has had over 2,500 beta users, 10,000+ songs shared to the platform and $45,000 in funding. Zyer is in its final testing stage before launch. Through Zyer, we have experience from start to finish in designing and launching an App. We have worked on all aspects of this business and have acquired a vast amount of knowledge through launching Zyer. We made the mistakes and learned the lessons to save you time and money by making sure you don't make the same mistakes.

Since Anthony created an app, many friends and acquaintances began asking him for guidance on their ideas and ventures. This led to him making several websites for individuals and businesses. He has helped launch multiple businesses because of his first adventure in Zyer. Through these experiences and continuously serving other businesses technology needs, Evolve Tech Solutions was born. 

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