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When we started working with Danny at DTM, he was in the early stage of launching his business. He had a do it yourself website, zero branding, no logo and wasn't sure how to make technology work for him. Danny has a really awesome business where he sells supplies to auto body shops. He has a unique background growing up working in his family-owned

bodyshop. He knows the industry, he can sell the heck out of supplies but needed a professional look for his business to make the leap to the next level. 

Once we sat down with him to understand his vision and his unique value proposition, it was easy to bring it all to life. We created a role out plan and made him a logo, color scheme, business cards, marketing materials, and designed and built a beautiful e-commerce website that showcases his products and his company. We also helped migrate all of his accounting and billing over to Quickbooks for a more professional look. Since we began working with DTM Auto Supply, their monthly sales have increased by over 300%. Danny loves to flaunt his website and boasts how his technology is lightyears ahead of his competitors. 

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